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If getting your eyebrows shaped (DIY or professionally) is routine for you, make sure those bad boys are waxed, threaded and plucked to perfection to ensure you see your eye makeup at its best.

Smart brides practice run their fake tan. And like the wedding planning genius you are, you know that a day or two before your makeup trial is the perfect time to check you’re happy with the results of your faux glow. And to the English Roses amongst you, don’t feel pressured to tan up if you embrace being more Nicole Kidman than Nicole Scherzinger. You do you!

Dry/flaky skin? Oily skin? Normal skin? Combination skin? Confused about the whole thing? Click the links and let skincare guru Caroline Hirons guide you to better understand your skin type and how you can supercharge your routine.


Wedding day essentials


Scissors for cutting out tags. A must.


Mini sewing kit (just incase!)


If I had a pound for every time I’d heard “has anyone got a plaster?!”


A crochet hook for helping button up loops on dress


A wedding morning playlist will set the right vibe.



Eat a rainbow of food and drink ALL the water! Your skin will thank you for it.

Any at home or salon based facials should be carried out months before the big day to ensure you have no break outs or adverse reactions. A reputable skincare specialist will be able to advise you on the frequency of any treatments, but will probably agree that T-minus 2 days to wedding day is not an ideal time to start poking around with your pores! A pair of Elemis pro collagen eye patches the night before/morning of, however, will be a soothing, hydrating party for your peepers.

Get a massage. All that wedding planning is hard work, treat yo’self!

Practice doing up your dress with your bridesmaid or mum, it can take longer than you think!

If hiring men’s suits check them and try them on as soon as you’ve collected them.